Monday, March 18, 2019

If you book a ticket Online, then read this

Nowadays, you do not have to queue the theaters counter to book a movie. It's easy to book tickets through mobile app, website or 'book my show'. But for this, a few bucks are charged more than the original price of the ticket. These money are taken as internet handling fees. The Reserve Bank of India has clarified that the online ticketing platform of film tickets is not the right to boast an Internet handling fee from consumers.

Forum Against Corruption President Vijay Gopal has lodged a complaint with the consumer forum against Book My Show, PVR. In response to a question asked under the Right to Information Act, the Reserve Bank has stated that it has violated the RBI's Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) norms for charging an additional fee.

If the original amount is Rs 200 for booking a movie ticket, then the amount will be up to Rs 230 for the Internet handling fee. Not only ticket-booking apps, food delivery and cab service apps also charge such an internet handling fee, said Vijay Gopal. They demanded that citizens should come together and raise voice against them. The next hearing on this matter will be on March 23.

What is Merchant Discount Rate (MDR)?
The amount the Merchant Bank gives to the bank for accepting money from the customer through a credit or debit card, is called the trade discount rate. Since the amount is to be traded by the traders or the shopkeepers, the common customers should not pay their bribes. It is said that the charges of internet fees from consumers are illegal.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Azim Premji donated 53 thousand crores for social service

Wipro director and senior businessman Azim Premji has increased the contribution of poor and dedicated donations to the tune of Rs 52,750 crore. Therefore, the total donation from them amounted to Rs.1,45,000 crores. He has now surpassed Bill Gates in a donation to social services. A few years ago Azim Premji had announced that he would donate 50 percent of his wealth. Accordingly, they donate a large portion of Vipro's profits to Azim Premji Foundation.

Announcing Wednesday's decision to retain 34 percent of the profits owned by Wipro Limited for social service. In Wipro, Premji owns an individual share of Rs 52,750 crores. The new donation fund of 'Azeem Premji Foundation' has been worth Rs 1.45 lakh crore. Foundation's Wipro Limited has 67 percent economic ownership. Azim Premji Foundation works mainly in the field of education and provides multi-yearly financial assistance for other non-profit organizations working in this field.
Premji University also works as a facilitator of education. Premji has increased the amount of donation so that this work can be accelerated. At present 1300 students are studying at Azim Premji University. The Foundation wishes to take this number to 14 thousand. Similarly, a branch of this university will be started in North India.

Dr A K Mohanty

Professor of Indian Atomic Energy and Nuclear Development Program Next step, after the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), which created the nigthly researcher, Homi Bhabha's work, Under the leadership of Ajit Kumar Mohanty Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Dr. Of N. Mohanty recently accepted the charge from Vyas.

It's the original Odisha. He graduated in physics in 1979. He completed his master's degree in Cuttack. Until then, India was somewhat stagnant in the field of nuclear research. Nuclear energy research and development was thought to be from a commercial perspective. The training of 25 pieces of Bhabha Atomic Research Center was completed. Dr. Mohanty joined the Bhabha Atomic Research Center in 1983 after completing his post graduation course. The trainees of the 26th batch of the organization After that he received his Ph.D. Made
Many of his research in nuclear physics has been well-known. Along with BARC he has worked for important research projects in many organizations. He has worked with the Brookhaven National Laboratory Project in America and the 'CERN' project in Geneva, which has attracted the world's attention for the past few years. He is the President of the Indian Physics Association, the Secretary of the Basic Science Committee of the Board of Research in Nuclear Science, and has held positions in many organizations and organizations in the science and research sector. Indian Young phijista Physics Society Award (1 9 88), Indian National Science Academy Award Young sayantista (1 99 1), Department of Atomic Energy Homi Bhabha Award (2001) have received them.

He is one of the witnesses who traveled from the newly born country to key global projects in nuclear power sector. The organization has realized the last 35 years of ups and downs in the organization. For three years he will be working as the director of the center. It is important to give more speed to the research on nuclear energy. This topic is more likely to be misunderstood because of the distance from the ordinary people. Although the country's premier institution has got exceptional strength, the organization has got the red-flip-flops. The challenge to take the organization forward, to bring more work to the organization through such challenges. Mohanty will have to get rid of this.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Jerry Meriman

Pocket Calculator or Calculator, in the field of Personalized Technology (Personal Technology). Even though many apps on mobile phones are embedded in the jungle, where many people have a calculator identity, many people still have access to Pocket Calculator for the number of complicated accounts from chartered accountants to retail merchants. Jerry Meriman, a co-founder of this pocket calculator, died recently. He had unlimited knowledge of himself without any degree of electronics. On the next day, giving birth to them in a town in Hern, Texas, their mother went to school and her father suffered premature blindness while she was a child. Therefore, at the age of 11, he was forced to work in a radio repair shop for his charity. He had attained proficiency in short-term. So much so that the police in the hare were behind them even when there was no crime, because the radio car could get damaged in the car! Mariman took the book 'Radio Engineerig' in the shop at Herne. They kept themselves close to their lives all the time. This book helped him to know the complexities of circuits that are very important in radio and electronics technology. With his own enthusiasm, he worked as a radio engineer in another shop. Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University has taken a true, but not completed graduate course. In March 1963, at Texas Instruments Company, he accepted his job and got a break from his life. There he got the opportunity to work with a great researcher like Jack Kilby (who won the Nobel Prize winner for Kilby later). Texas Instruments was making 'Integrated Circuits', but the company owner P. insisted that a customer should make a suitable device. Haggerty held it. Merimon, Kilby and James van Tessell have the opportunity to work on this project. The circuit of the proposed counterconduct was prepared by Mercury for three days and three nights. The first ever counters named Caltech were developed in the beginning of 1970. Merimon also contributed in the thermal battery and printing research with this device. The Texas Instruments gave the first counters to the United States National Museum as an interim visit. There, Thomas Edison's device was on one side and Caltech was in the middle of the equipment on the other side of Alexander Graham Bell.

Dr. Arata Isokajhi

Dr. Arata Isokajhi

Architect Arata Izozaki had traveled all over the world after reaching the age of childhood, so it reflected in all his architectures. Prizes and Western architecture have been awarded the 42nd Prizeskazkar award for Ishanya, who combines her beauty. This award is Nobelcht of architecture. Isozaki, who lives in Japan, is also a architect, but he is also in the forefront of his theoretical knowledge. During World War II, the reconstruction of cities in Japan was important, in which they played a big role, they looked at the world from a different perspective. Traveling ten times before the age of three, saw the vast world of China and the small towns of Southeast Asia and the metropolitan area of ​​the Americas, They constantly kept asking themselves what the question of architecture is. He designed many buildings in their home town of Oita. Apart from this, the architecture of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, The Palau St. Jardy, was special.

'The need for architecture is on both the world and the local level. It is important to include the art, not only the tradition, but also to the external world, which is new to it.' Prizes Prize is awarded to this year's highest award in the region from 1979 to the architect of different performing arts. Ishojaki received the award from Guru Kanto Tange in this area. Born on the Kushu Islands in Japan, Isozaki had a shadow of the tragedy of the destruction of World War II. They showed the beauty of establishing a nation from zero, and maintained beauty. They did not see any cities or buildings in their childhood, they saw ruins. It was a big gap in the architecture of their home. That's their inspiration. After building the first international architecture in Los Angeles, he had buildings of Kapadolya Vallukashma in India, after the massacre of the Tsunami in 2011, he made a moving concert hall along with Anish Kapoor in the scenes of many scenes. While teaching from Columbia, Harvard and Yale universities, he also created many students. He has got many awards including the Riba gold medal.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Paytm First launched to-compete with Amazon Prime and Flipkart Plus

Paytm, a mobile wallet service provider, has launched the Paytm First service on the lines of Amazon Prime and Flipkart Plus. Through this service, users will get a premium subscription based rewards and loyalty benefits. In this, users will be given benefits like cashback when using food, travel and entertainment. Come on, every thing related to Paytm First.

How much will the subscription charge for Paytm First

Users of Paytm First service will have to pay 750 rupees for one year. The first 1,500 customers subscribing to this service will get a cashback of Rs 100, i.e. they have to pay Rs. 650. However, this offer has been given for a limited time only. Amazon Prime's earliest subscription charge is Rs 999.
The company said in the press statement, "We are very excited to launch Premium Subscription Based Reward and Loyalty Program for our users, PettyMe First. Here we are paying more than our regular offers. '

Benefits of Paytm First

Under this service, a total of 12,000 rupees will be given to the users on behalf of the company. Benefits of up to Rs 6,000, such as Zomato Gold membership, Gaana Annual Subscription, Sony Liv Membership, ViU Premium Subscription, Eros Now Annual Membership are being provided. Apart from this, 2,400 rupees for Uber and Uber Eats's benefits are also being given.

In addition to all these benefits, cashback of up to Rs 1,500 to the users, cashback of Rs 100 per month on movie ticket booking etc. Apart from this, Exclusive offers are also being offered through Peti M Mall. You can use this app and service on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ajit Sawant

When the Congress party was in power, the party leaders did not dare to take charge of the party's state, state president and the president of Mumbai at the same time. But this was done by Ajit Sawant. His inventor is aggressive. The father activated in the Communist movement. They participated in the fight against the workers of the mill workers. Ajit received childhood aggression from the Communist movement. They raised the voice of injustice in the Congress party. There is no rush to action. He remained firm on his stand and this is why he could not possibly come forward in the Congress party's governance politics.

In Mumbai Congress, Amartya Leaders were moving for years. Marathi leaders have to fight. Former Mumbai Congress President Gurudas Kamat gave Sawant a position in the party and gave him an opportunity to work. He was the general secretary and spokesman of Mumbai Congress. As a spokesman, he strongly asserted the role of the party through those media. After the resignation of Kamat, the leadership changed in Mumbai Congress and Sawant was not able to do so. In Mumbai Congress, there were two hands on the leadership of the accused who accused the Marathi leaders and workers of injustice. Only then did the MNS debut in Mumbai. Sawant did not get any other support from other party leaders in the party. He did not leave his role even if the leadership refrained from making the voice. Finally, Congress party raised the issue of action against them. Later they accepted the option of Aam Aadmi Party, but they did not get there. He wanted to return to the Congress party, but the Congress party doors had closed for him because of the earlier drying of the leaders. While being a political analyst, he did not have a Congress party while participating in news channels, but he would have raised the role of Congress.

He was also involved in the labor movement like in politics. The youth got employment opportunities as the information technology sector flourished, but the employees of this area were exploited. Unemployment is done in the work hours, salary Ajit Sawant had formed an organization of IT companies in the field of information technology. Through this, they were trying to get the workers to get justice. On this subject, he wrote many scholarly articles in Loksatta. Later, the book 'Bevel Zenda Bundacha' was also read.

Ajit Sawant, who impressed with his eloquence, did not succeed in election politics. The Congress had given them candidacy from the Mahim assembly constituency, but the party itself broke. He had failed in the municipal elections too. There are many things to be done while working in a political party. Ajit Sawant was an exception. A premier politician has lost his premature demise.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Dr Vitthal Prabhu

The concept of IVF therapy, surrogacy, and trait tube baby. The concept is no longer new. Periods, contraception tools, ads for simple testing of pregnancy, are now widely seen on television. But in the seventies it was not openly spoken about sexuality or chemistry. Laboratory prof. Su Dhon Karve and K. P. If there were two exceptions in Bhagwat, there was no other information book available in Marathi. In such a period, Dr. Vitthal Prabhu started writing on laboratories and after writing about three dozen books on this subject, he presented various aspects of this subject in front of the readers.

They grew up in central areas like Mumbai's Dadar. After completing medical education, he started practicing there. His experience of one patient was shocking. When her husband told her that a newly married woman committed suicide on the first night of marriage, The Lord became restless. He felt that young people should give information about laboratories. Then he started a deep study of larynx. While there is a fundamental difference between sexuality and work, Prabhu felt, but the science of laboratories was very big. It was noticed that he had links with many science streams such as medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology. His master Ni With Purandare, he talked about this topic many times. Various issues came up with the responsibilities of parents, the nature of love, the nature plan, the needs of men and women, the social questions that arise due to sexuality. From then on, the book 'Niramay Kamjiwan' was released.

The book came in 1982 and soon after, he made a record of consumption. In those days, the first version was removed with five thousand copies. In the past 37 years, there were 34 versions of this book. Specially, in many of these versions, new cases are being discussed by readers and experts. Lord added. This book has been criticized three decades ago. Yet this book was announced by the state government. Jyoti Kunte translated her to Hindi, and she also became a favorite.

Apart from this, many of his books have been published like 'Quantitative issues', 'Quiz work,' and 'Abdominal abdomen'. Three books also received government and other awards. Dr. Lord was the honorary President of the Council of Sex Education and Parenthud. Through five years of counseling, he has done important work to spread sex education among the common people. After 90 years of devoted life, he left the world.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Atin Bandyopadhyay

One of the writers whose source of inspiration was being inspired by the pain caused by the partition of East Pakistan, was one of the poets, Orest Bandopadhyay. It is true that if you lost a good writer by their demise, but a link between the commentators of that period has developed. The Bengali literature of 'Aitin' was related to Bihitabhushan Bandopadhyay's 'Pather Panchali' which was inspired by literature. Bengali writers Sayyed Mustafa Siraj finds the scope of the writings of Aitan's 'Nilakanta Pakhir Khonje', which was compared to classical literature based on Greek tragedies. Adin Bandopadhyay was born in Dhaka. After graduating from the commerce school, he did many tasks for the groom, sailor, truck cleaner, primary teacher, headmaster of the school, but when he was doing, he did not give the scholarship among them. His first story was published from Abbasar Magazine, after which his writings continued for several decades. In the decade of 1970, he was the principal of high school in Chhoti village of Chaurigah in Murshidabad district. Later in 1986, he settled in Kolkata. There, he did various tasks such as factory manager, publication consultant and journalist. He wrote the book Nikhiltha Pakhir Khonje, Manusher Gharbadi, Alaukik Jaljan, Ishwar Bagan and the novel of partition. After being born in undivided Bengal in Dhaka in 1947, Bandopadhyay migrated to India from East Pakistan, due to his experience of breaking the motherland, his talent was successful in presenting it effectively. He pointed out the Hindo-Muslim riots of that era, the hope of the people, and the disappointment of the people. In 2001, his short story 'Galpo' was given a 'Sahitya Akademi Award'. Through most of his writings, the lives of the rural women of West Bengal stand in front of the readers. Neel Timi, Ekali Jaleer Rekha became popular with other books. He also wrote for children.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Heena Jaiswal

After getting the opportunity in the air force, they have made them sleepy. Heena Jaiswal has just won the honor of making the first woman air engineer in the Indian Air Force. She is a Flight Lieutenant. The role of flying engineers in the air force is important, in which it has to be equipped with complex aircraft systems, it takes commitment, dedication and hard work. In 2018, the Air Force opened the post of Flight Engineer to women, but it was meant for men. She got this proficiency in six months of training in Yelahanka by studying the results of other male colleagues. He is conducting operations in Indian Air Force Aircraft in adverse weather conditions in other challenging places, including the Siachen Glacier, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Heena was born in Chandigarh, and got a degree from the University of Punjab University's University Institute of Engineering and Technology. Chief Accounting Officer retired from the Defense Department Of She is the only daughter of Jaiswal and Anita Jaiswal. It has been started from January 5, 2015 in the Indian Air Force Engineering Department. Battery commander and firing team were initially led. She also carried out the missile operations. She has given a natural reaction to the completion of a dream after getting recognition as a flying engineer. She had an interest in wearing a uniform of uniforms from childhood. Through her, she had many challenges. Since gender equality has been brought in recent times, it is obviously the right thing to do with the right kind of girls, since 1993, in the Indian Air Force, women officers were first introduced to get the pilots and other responsibilities as commissioned officers. Today, women are doing a big job in the Air Force, crossing the length of the journey, and the success of the mercenary has gone down.

Female officer of the Air Force Kiran Shekhawat was killed in a gunfight in Goa in 2015 in the Dornier crash. While performing the duty, his death was an addict. This means women are not behind to pray for the country on time occasions.