Monday, February 25, 2019

Dr. Namwar Singh

Aruna Verma, who reviewed the literature of Nirala in different parts of Hindi literature, and his critically influential commentator, literary and highly effective speaker, who took Hindi Samyakshi at a different height. Namveer Singh has lost his life after a few days of interruption with Hindi literature.
Though Namveer Singh was born on 28th July 1926 in the Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh, his birth date was recorded on May 1 in the government school. The influence of the thoughts of the young man, Gavraa, turned towards communism. In Hindi Literature, MA and Ph.D. After that he became a lecturer at Banaras Hindu University. Lok Sabha election was also fought in Chandauli as a candidate for the Communist Party in 1959, but lost. Later he had to leave the Banaras Hindu University. From there he went to Sagar University. On the issue of changing the curriculum, the management council and the Vice-Chancellor went out of the quarters as well. His talent really flourished in JNU. After a long period of teaching there, he retired as the head of Indian Language Center. After retirement, for many years, he was invited to teach. Premchand and Bharatiya Samaj, Shabad-Prasad, Nirala, Mahadevi and Pant, as well as the name of Kashi, have such rich books in their name. But his novel 'A new paradigm of poetry' is considered a milestone in Hindi critique. Dr. Long-term seminars and seminars were discussed on Namveer's poetic review.

He has been working whole-life to promote new writers. While editing the 'Criticism' he wrote a number of novel talented writers and wrote them. Even though they are communists, they strongly believe in the error. Two years ago, after the episode of the award ceremony in Dadri, it was criticized by his own literary friends that he was 'creating a sense of non-violence'. Namwar Singh received the Sahitya Akademi and many other awards. He was in the Jnanpith Award Selection Board for many years. He was also the most qualified to receive this Mana literature award. But before receiving the award, he left the world.