Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ajit Sawant

When the Congress party was in power, the party leaders did not dare to take charge of the party's state, state president and the president of Mumbai at the same time. But this was done by Ajit Sawant. His inventor is aggressive. The father activated in the Communist movement. They participated in the fight against the workers of the mill workers. Ajit received childhood aggression from the Communist movement. They raised the voice of injustice in the Congress party. There is no rush to action. He remained firm on his stand and this is why he could not possibly come forward in the Congress party's governance politics.

In Mumbai Congress, Amartya Leaders were moving for years. Marathi leaders have to fight. Former Mumbai Congress President Gurudas Kamat gave Sawant a position in the party and gave him an opportunity to work. He was the general secretary and spokesman of Mumbai Congress. As a spokesman, he strongly asserted the role of the party through those media. After the resignation of Kamat, the leadership changed in Mumbai Congress and Sawant was not able to do so. In Mumbai Congress, there were two hands on the leadership of the accused who accused the Marathi leaders and workers of injustice. Only then did the MNS debut in Mumbai. Sawant did not get any other support from other party leaders in the party. He did not leave his role even if the leadership refrained from making the voice. Finally, Congress party raised the issue of action against them. Later they accepted the option of Aam Aadmi Party, but they did not get there. He wanted to return to the Congress party, but the Congress party doors had closed for him because of the earlier drying of the leaders. While being a political analyst, he did not have a Congress party while participating in news channels, but he would have raised the role of Congress.

He was also involved in the labor movement like in politics. The youth got employment opportunities as the information technology sector flourished, but the employees of this area were exploited. Unemployment is done in the work hours, salary Ajit Sawant had formed an organization of IT companies in the field of information technology. Through this, they were trying to get the workers to get justice. On this subject, he wrote many scholarly articles in Loksatta. Later, the book 'Bevel Zenda Bundacha' was also read.

Ajit Sawant, who impressed with his eloquence, did not succeed in election politics. The Congress had given them candidacy from the Mahim assembly constituency, but the party itself broke. He had failed in the municipal elections too. There are many things to be done while working in a political party. Ajit Sawant was an exception. A premier politician has lost his premature demise.