Friday, March 15, 2019

Azim Premji donated 53 thousand crores for social service

Wipro director and senior businessman Azim Premji has increased the contribution of poor and dedicated donations to the tune of Rs 52,750 crore. Therefore, the total donation from them amounted to Rs.1,45,000 crores. He has now surpassed Bill Gates in a donation to social services. A few years ago Azim Premji had announced that he would donate 50 percent of his wealth. Accordingly, they donate a large portion of Vipro's profits to Azim Premji Foundation.

Announcing Wednesday's decision to retain 34 percent of the profits owned by Wipro Limited for social service. In Wipro, Premji owns an individual share of Rs 52,750 crores. The new donation fund of 'Azeem Premji Foundation' has been worth Rs 1.45 lakh crore. Foundation's Wipro Limited has 67 percent economic ownership. Azim Premji Foundation works mainly in the field of education and provides multi-yearly financial assistance for other non-profit organizations working in this field.
Premji University also works as a facilitator of education. Premji has increased the amount of donation so that this work can be accelerated. At present 1300 students are studying at Azim Premji University. The Foundation wishes to take this number to 14 thousand. Similarly, a branch of this university will be started in North India.