Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Dr. Arata Isokajhi

Architect Arata Izozaki had traveled all over the world after reaching the age of childhood, so it reflected in all his architectures. Prizes and Western architecture have been awarded the 42nd Prizeskazkar award for Ishanya, who combines her beauty. This award is Nobelcht of architecture. Isozaki, who lives in Japan, is also a architect, but he is also in the forefront of his theoretical knowledge. During World War II, the reconstruction of cities in Japan was important, in which they played a big role, they looked at the world from a different perspective. Traveling ten times before the age of three, saw the vast world of China and the small towns of Southeast Asia and the metropolitan area of ​​the Americas, They constantly kept asking themselves what the question of architecture is. He designed many buildings in their home town of Oita. Apart from this, the architecture of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, The Palau St. Jardy, was special.

'The need for architecture is on both the world and the local level. It is important to include the art, not only the tradition, but also to the external world, which is new to it.' Prizes Prize is awarded to this year's highest award in the region from 1979 to the architect of different performing arts. Ishojaki received the award from Guru Kanto Tange in this area. Born on the Kushu Islands in Japan, Isozaki had a shadow of the tragedy of the destruction of World War II. They showed the beauty of establishing a nation from zero, and maintained beauty. They did not see any cities or buildings in their childhood, they saw ruins. It was a big gap in the architecture of their home. That's their inspiration. After building the first international architecture in Los Angeles, he had buildings of Kapadolya Vallukashma in India, after the massacre of the Tsunami in 2011, he made a moving concert hall along with Anish Kapoor in the scenes of many scenes. While teaching from Columbia, Harvard and Yale universities, he also created many students. He has got many awards including the Riba gold medal.