Friday, March 15, 2019

Dr A K Mohanty

Professor of Indian Atomic Energy and Nuclear Development Program Next step, after the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), which created the nigthly researcher, Homi Bhabha's work, Under the leadership of Ajit Kumar Mohanty Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Dr. Of N. Mohanty recently accepted the charge from Vyas.

It's the original Odisha. He graduated in physics in 1979. He completed his master's degree in Cuttack. Until then, India was somewhat stagnant in the field of nuclear research. Nuclear energy research and development was thought to be from a commercial perspective. The training of 25 pieces of Bhabha Atomic Research Center was completed. Dr. Mohanty joined the Bhabha Atomic Research Center in 1983 after completing his post graduation course. The trainees of the 26th batch of the organization After that he received his Ph.D. Made
Many of his research in nuclear physics has been well-known. Along with BARC he has worked for important research projects in many organizations. He has worked with the Brookhaven National Laboratory Project in America and the 'CERN' project in Geneva, which has attracted the world's attention for the past few years. He is the President of the Indian Physics Association, the Secretary of the Basic Science Committee of the Board of Research in Nuclear Science, and has held positions in many organizations and organizations in the science and research sector. Indian Young phijista Physics Society Award (1 9 88), Indian National Science Academy Award Young sayantista (1 99 1), Department of Atomic Energy Homi Bhabha Award (2001) have received them.

He is one of the witnesses who traveled from the newly born country to key global projects in nuclear power sector. The organization has realized the last 35 years of ups and downs in the organization. For three years he will be working as the director of the center. It is important to give more speed to the research on nuclear energy. This topic is more likely to be misunderstood because of the distance from the ordinary people. Although the country's premier institution has got exceptional strength, the organization has got the red-flip-flops. The challenge to take the organization forward, to bring more work to the organization through such challenges. Mohanty will have to get rid of this.