Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Dr Vitthal Prabhu

The concept of IVF therapy, surrogacy, and trait tube baby. The concept is no longer new. Periods, contraception tools, ads for simple testing of pregnancy, are now widely seen on television. But in the seventies it was not openly spoken about sexuality or chemistry. Laboratory prof. Su Dhon Karve and K. P. If there were two exceptions in Bhagwat, there was no other information book available in Marathi. In such a period, Dr. Vitthal Prabhu started writing on laboratories and after writing about three dozen books on this subject, he presented various aspects of this subject in front of the readers.

They grew up in central areas like Mumbai's Dadar. After completing medical education, he started practicing there. His experience of one patient was shocking. When her husband told her that a newly married woman committed suicide on the first night of marriage, The Lord became restless. He felt that young people should give information about laboratories. Then he started a deep study of larynx. While there is a fundamental difference between sexuality and work, Prabhu felt, but the science of laboratories was very big. It was noticed that he had links with many science streams such as medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology. His master Ni With Purandare, he talked about this topic many times. Various issues came up with the responsibilities of parents, the nature of love, the nature plan, the needs of men and women, the social questions that arise due to sexuality. From then on, the book 'Niramay Kamjiwan' was released.

The book came in 1982 and soon after, he made a record of consumption. In those days, the first version was removed with five thousand copies. In the past 37 years, there were 34 versions of this book. Specially, in many of these versions, new cases are being discussed by readers and experts. Lord added. This book has been criticized three decades ago. Yet this book was announced by the state government. Jyoti Kunte translated her to Hindi, and she also became a favorite.

Apart from this, many of his books have been published like 'Quantitative issues', 'Quiz work,' and 'Abdominal abdomen'. Three books also received government and other awards. Dr. Lord was the honorary President of the Council of Sex Education and Parenthud. Through five years of counseling, he has done important work to spread sex education among the common people. After 90 years of devoted life, he left the world.

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